Pop Top Struts

Lifting the pop top is getting more difficult over the years, so I felt that the ease provided by gas struts would be worth the expense. And since it has already been engineered and marketed, why re-invent the wheel? So, courtesy of Mark Goddard on TheSamba list I ordered a set.

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Pop Top Struts

The strut fitted.

The package included two struts, two fabricated steel brackets painted black and mounting hardware. Strangely there were no instructions included. These came as an email attachment with the order confirmation and had to be printed out. The instructions from Mark were very detailed, and included lots of photos, although lacking a little in technical writing.

I measured twice, checked once again then drilled the holes in the fibreglass top as directed, mounted the hardware under the hinges and snapped on the gas struts. The external nuts and washers are stainless steel, so won't rust. I added some sealant behind the washers, just in case!

The strut fitted.

Since the top was up when the installation was finished, I was rather worried when I couldn't get it down! It seems to require quite a strong pull to get it started compressing the gas struts. Once it reaches half way, it is easier to pull down, and when nearly closed the top wants to lift up on its own again. It requires a strong pull to get the latch to lock.

Lifting the top is so easy! Once the catch is released, the top lifts automatically about three quarters up. Then it requires a little pushing to get it up the last half foot and locked.

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