We needed indoor facilities! Need we say more?

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The bench

A comfortable bench
A plywood box was made to house the ViP 8 litre portapotty. The box was made tall enough to be a comfortable seat height when in use. It has a false bottom with an opening inside where chemicals can be stored. The box was made about 1 1/2" wider than the portapotty to allow it to be lifted out.

The cushion is 2 1/2" thick of semi rigid foam and makes a convenient stool for working at the stove or table. It is not attached to the lid so can be moved where convenient.

Open for business
Lid up, ready for action.

The small door at the front opens to allow activating the flushing handle. The grips on the sides make it easy to lift the bench in and out of the van.

The owner takes no responsibility for anyone else making these modifications.
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