Variable Intermittent Wiper Relay

This is not a true original modification on my part but hopefully will explain how easy it is to add the Variable Intermittent Windshield Wiper feature.

Vanagon and Westfalia GL models came prewired for intermittent windshield wiper operation. If this feature was fitted as original, the wiper switch will click into a 4th position and relay #19 will allow the wipers to wipe at a fixed interval.

However, if the intermittent relay was not fitted as original, then a small plastic tab will be found in the wiper switch on the steering column stalk which prevents the lever from entering the intermittent position. (Removing this requires removing the steering wheel and switch cluster - beyond this explaination.)

The intermittent feature is great, but there are times when the interval needs to be shorter or longer than the preset. Fortunately there are relays available (used from other vehicles or new from suppliers) which will plug right into the relay panel in place of the original #19.

Click on the image to see it full size.

Replacing the Relay

Original Relay Layout.

The relays are located under a cover below the dashboard. Number 19 controls the windshield wiper.

Variable Intermittent Relay

This is the variable intermittent relay. The VW/Audi part number is 1HM 955 531 A.
Apparently the "A" signifies "Adjustable".

There are other relays purported to work as well.

New Relay Layout

The new relay, numbered 99, fitted in place of the original number 19.

It is that easy!


To set the variable wipe time:
  • Set the wiper switch to INTERMITTENT
  • Allow the wiper to make one sweep
  • Turn the wiper switch OFF
  • Wait the desired time until another wipe is needed
  • Set the wiper switch to INTERMITTENT again
From my limited experience, it seems that the relay remembers the intermittent timing even when the ignition key is OFF. Therefore when the wiper is again switched to INTERMITTENT, it uses the same length of delay. To reset a new intermittent time, go through the steps to the left again.

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