Headrest Cushion

We found the headrest (aka whiplash prevention support) on the original VW seats to be too far back. If the head was to snap back that far, we felt it would cause great pain in the neck. As well, it is often nice to be able to rest one's head on the seatback headrest.

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VW Seat With Headrest Cushion

Original VW Seat & Headrest Cushion
A piece of 3" semi-firm foam rubber was cut to the shape of the original hard plastic headrest. An old reciprocating electric carving knife works great for this.
The foam was then shaped slightly by rounding the corners and tapering the lower edge. For this operation, a power belt sander with coarse belt shapes the foam easily.

A woven fabric cover was then sewn to fit over both the new foam cushion and the original VW headrest. It fastens under the headrest with Velcro tape.

New Headrest Cushion

When I installed the new Ford Clubwagon power seats, the old headrest cushions would not fit.
A new piece of 2 1/2" thick foam rubber was cut to the shape of the top of the seat back. A stretchable fabric cover was sewn, leaving a space at the bottom for a 1" nylon strap to pass through.

Headrest - back view

To keep the headrest cushion in place, a second strap was stitched to fit over the top of the seat back.
This arrangement is not quite as simple or neat as the original VW seats, but does provide much comfort while driving.
The covers are easily removable for washing.

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