The way the sliding curtains hang over the table or over the right side of the bed bothered my wife, so she suggested we fix it! Here's how we did it.

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Curtain Retaining Rings

Original curtains over the table.
The curtain covers nearly 1/3 of the table.

Marking the curtain
The pins mark where each ring will be stitched. The packet shows the brand and size of rings used.

A packet of Boye brand 1/2" (13mm) "Carbone Rings" contains 30 rings, enough to do all the curtains (with careful planning!)
Each ring is to be stitched to the back of the curtain at the height of the curtain-wire, immediately below each hanger at the top of the curtain.
The 1/2" rings work perfectly as that is the outside dimension, and the hole is just large enough to pass the eye of the curtain-wire through.

Stitching the rings
The button sewing foot and settings on my wife's sewing machine made quick work of the job!

Curtains over the table
Compared with the top photo, more of the table is now useable.

With the curtain-wire passing through each ring, it pulls the curtain back against the wall of the van. Because there are the same number of rings as top hangers, the curtain folds or pleats well when bunched and tied back. (Unlike the curtain immediately behind the stove, with the curtain-wire running through a pocket at the bottom.)

Curtain beside the bed

The curtain now provides more privacy at the window, and doesn't interfere with the person sleeping there.

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