Console Box

This is not an elegant modification, but serves the purpose of storing maps, campground directories, iPod, phone charger and the like.

It leaves the area between the seats clear to allow stepping through to the back of the van. It is also low enough to allow the seats to swivel.

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Console Box

Bottom of the Box
The bottom shows a rectangular opening which will be at the front centre.
The opening is 6 1/2" long by 5 1/2" wide. This will be a snug fit over the gear shift lever boot which is what keeps the console box in place.

Vinyl Gaiter Pattern
Drawing, not to scale, for gaiter parts. The front piece is shorter than the back piece because the gear shift lever is slightly forward of centre in the boxed opening.

For exact dimensions, measure the opening, add 1/4" for seams and glueing.

Ensure that length A of the front piece matches length A of the side pieces. Repeat for length B.

The New Vinyl Boot
Four triangular pieces of vinyl were stitched into a pyramid, leaving the peak open to fit over the gear shift lever.
The tops were turned in and glued, leaving a hole about 3/4" diameter.

The bases of each triangle were glued to the edges of the opening in the box, and covered with aluminum trim pieces.
The gaiter keeps junk, and important items, from falling down into the shift lever.

Console Fitted
The box measures 12" wide by 16" long and 6" high. This is just short enough to clear the emergency brake lever and is also narrow enough to sit on top of the raised portion of the floor pan.

The 4 sides are made of 3/8" plywood, the dividers are 1/4" plywood and the bottom is 1/8" pressed board.

The author takes no responsibility for anyone else making these modifications.
Photos provided by owner. Contact the postmaster for permission for use.

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