Seatbelt Extender

After installing the power seats, which were higher than the VW seats, I found that the seatbelt anchor was too low over the shoulder. I made a modification to raise it 1 1/2".

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Seatbelt Extender

The Extender

A piece of 1/4" by 1" steel strap was cut and shaped as shown. Two holes were drilled to accept two bolts of the same type as are used to anchor the original VW seatbelt swivel on the "B" pillar. One hole on the "B" pillar is filled with a plastic plug.

The third hole was 1 1/2" higher, to accept a bolt to hold the seatbelt swivelling anchor.

The Extender in Place.

The steel extender is bolted in place, and the seatbelt swivel anchor bolted to it using a seatbelt bolt and nyloc nut.

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